The 39 Clues


  1. Maze of Bones
  2. One False Note
  3. The Sword Thief
  4. Beyond The Grave
  5. The Red Circle
  6. In Too Deep
  7. The Viper's Nest
  8. The Emperor's Code
  9. Storm Warning
  10. Into The Gauntlet
  11. Vespers Rising

Book 10: Into The Gauntlet

Book 10: Into The Gauntlet

The competition is getting fierce, but you can stay in the game! Read the books and add the cards inside to your Card Gallery to unlock Clues.

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Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Ekaterina Branch. Haddix has put her Ekaterina intelligence and curiosity to good use, first as a journalist, and then as a bestselling novelist of The Missing and other popular series. After the discoveries she made researching Into The Gauntlet, Haddix went into hiding. Agents suspect she is living in a bolt hole near Columbus, Ohio.

Amy and Dan Cahill are in London on the last leg of the Clue hunt, investigating the lost years of William Shakespeare. But as they close in on a shocking discovery, all the rules change. Who is an enemy and who is a friend? With the fate of the world in their hands, Amy and Dan have to make devastating choices. A single mistake could lead to fatal consequences and an unthinkable end to the hunt.

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