The 39 Clues

The 39 Clues Double-Dealing Tour

39 Clues hidden around the world guard the source of the Cahill family's immense power and it's up to YOU to find them.

It's Cahill vs. Cahill in a worldwide race to find the Clues . . . and beat the competition.

A deadly enemy known only as the Vespers has emerged from the shadows. The Cahills must stop them or humankind will pay the price. Are you ready to save the world?

Read The 39 Clues books to follow Amy Cahill and her brother Dan as they travel the world to hunt for Clues. Each of the 11 books comes with 6 game cards that reveal important information about the Cahills and unlock a Clue!

The cards provide the leads you need to track down the 39 Clues! Each card comes with a unique identification code. Enter the code on this website to create your own online card collection.

  • Each book comes with a set of 6 cards and unlocks one Clue.
  • Each The 39 Clues Card Pack comes with 16 randomly-assorted cards that lead to the remaining Clues. No two card packs are alike - COLLECT THEM ALL!

JOIN NOW to start your hunt for the 39 Clues. Create an account, discover which branch of the Cahill family YOU belong to, play missions, and explore the website to see if you can be the first to find the Clues.

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