The 39 Clues


EPISODE 10: Title
EPISODE 9: The Man in Black
EPISODE 8: Blackout
EPISODE 7: Beware the Madrigals
EPISODE 6: Friendly Fire
EPISODE 5: The Inside Job
EPISODE 4: Beyond the Grave
EPISODE 3: Trust No One
EPISODE 2: Crossing Swords
EPISODE 1: The Hunt Begins


United States, Canada


United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland


United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland



Singapore, Malaysia, and India

A New Cahill Champion

Millions of Clue hunters competed, but only these top Madrigal agents became grand prize finalists by collecting all 39 Clues and earning top points in Area 39. (Click here for complete rules and regulations).

One final challenge remains and 39 Cahill questions stand between these finalists and the grand prize. Who will answer the most questions correctly in the shortest amount of time, to claim the grand prize and bragging rights as the ultimate Clue hunter?

Find out the global grand prizewinners in the hunt for The 39 Clues.

United Stated Finalists

The following finalists will be competing for the $10,000 US Grand Prize:

Adam R, age 12, Newton, MA, USA – Ekaterina
xs Max F, age 12, Westport, CT, USA – Tomas
Jennifer T, age 12, North Bergen, NJ, USA – Ekaterina
A.J. G, age 13, Manalapan, NJ, USA – Janus
Charles B, age 13, Huntington, NY, USA – Tomas
Stephen T, age 10, Washington, PA , USA – Ekaterina
Robbie M, age 13, Parkton, MD, USA – Tomas
Fonzie F, age 15, Dawson, WV, USA – Lucian
Alejandro G, age 9, Parkland, FL, USA – Janus
Richard A, age 14, Boca Raton, FL, USA – Ekaterina
Kelsey L, age 15, Boca Raton, FL, USA – Lucian
Zachary H, age 13, Belleview, FL, USA – Ekaterina
Jonathan S, age 12, Mobile, AL, USA – Tomas
Jackson M, age 14, Notasulga, AL, USA – Ekaterina
David D, age 13, Memphis, TN, USA – Janus
Bailey W, age 11, Henderson, KY, USA – Ekaterina
Christopher S, age 12, Pinckney, MI, USA – Ekaterina
Cameron H, age 15, Cheboygan, MI, USA – Tomas
Matt L, age 13, Waukesha, WI, USA – Tomas
Jordan H, age 13, Elk River, MN, USA – Lucian
Teddy D, age 17, Darien, IL, USA – Lucian
Alex O, age 9, Peoria, IL, USA – Lucian
Anthony A, age 11, Ruston, LA, USA – Ekaterina
Cameron S, age 10, San Antonio, TX, USA – Janus
Spencer P, age 14, Highlands Ranch, CO , USA – Janus
Jordan P, age 14, Highlands Ranch, CO , USA – Ekaterina
David R, age 12, Riverton, UT, USA – Ekaterina
Lauren S, age 14, Las Vegas, NV, USA – Janus
Justin H, age 11, Encinitas, CA, USA – Janus
Ivy T, age 10, Redlands, CA, USA – Lucian
Rahul S, age 14, San Jose, CA, USA – Ekaterina
Elizabeth L, age 11, Fitchburg, WI, USA – Tomas
Imran H, age 8, Dayton, NJ, USA – Janus
Joshua S, age 13, Sicklerville, NJ, USA – Ekaterina
Nathan K, age 11, Montesone, WA, USA – Tomas
Robert F, age 12, Methuen, MA, USA – Janus
Gabriel D, age 12, University Place, WA, USA – Lucian
Gracie V, age 11, Redlands, CA, USA – Lucian
Nicholas W, age 14, Tonawanda, NY, USA – Ekaterina

A.J. G
Charles B
Fonzie F
Richard A
Jackson M
David D
Cameron H
Anthony A
Cameron S
Spencer P
Jordan P
Ivy T
Imran H
Robert F
Grace V
Nicholas W

Canadian Finalists

The following finalists will be competing for the US$10,000 Canadian Grand Prize:

Derek H, age 15, Regina, SASK, Canada – Ekaterina
Geoffrey E, age 13, Nepean, ONT, Canada – Ekaterina
Cameron M, age 9, Georgetown, ONT, Canada – Lucian
Jeremy R, age 13, Belleville, ONT, Canada – Ekaterina
Alexis P, age 16, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada – Ekaterina
Alexander M, age 14, Uxbridge, ONT, Canada – Janus
Jordynn P, age 13, Innisfil, ONT, Canada – Ekaterina
Asanee S, age 11, Suurey, BC, Canada – Ekaterina
Logan S, age 12, Winnipeg, MB, Canada – Janus
Olivia D, age 12, Toronto, ONT, Canada – Janus
Megan D, age 13, London, ONT, Canada – Janus
Gauri A, age 13, Brampton, ONT, Canada – Lucian
Aftaab S, age 13, Suurey, BC, Canada – Janus
Justin B, age 11, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada – Ekaterina
Matthew P, age 14, Saskatoon, SK, Canada – Janus
Alex A, age 13, Nepean, ONT, Canada – Tomas
Matthew M, age 13, Debert, NS, Canada – Janus
Eric S, age 8, Sturgeon Falls, ONT, Canada – Ekaterina
Paulo F, age 14, Toronto, ONT, Canada – Lucian
Haley R, age 15, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Janus
Avram P, age 9, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Ekaterina
Molly J, age 9, Toronto, ONT, Canada – Janus
Joseph P, age 13, Scarborough, ONT, Canada – Janus
Kristopher S, age 12, Sudbury, ONT, Canada – Lucian
Ian D, age 12, North Vancouver, BC, Canada – Janus
Ally S, age 13, Ancaster, ONT, Canada – Janus
Wyatt V, age 13, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Ekaterina
Matthew K, age 13, London, ONT, Canada – Janus
Julia P, age 13, Gander, NL, Canada – Ekaterina
Micaela B, age 15, Parry Sound, ONT, Canada – Ekaterina
Liam C, age 12, Kitchener, ONT, Canada – Tomas
Jonathan M, age 10, Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada – Lucian
John C, age 12, Langley, BC, Canada – Ekaterina
Brayden F, age 9, St. Catherine, ONT, Canada – Ekaterina
Carmen Y, age 12, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Janus
Alexander K, age 12, Burlington, ONT, Canada – Lucian
Luc Dupuy, age 12, Mississauga, ONT, Canada – Janus
Taylor S, age 15, Fairview, AB, Canada – Ekaterina

Asanee S
Logan S
Olivia D
Aftaab S
Alex A
Matthew M
Kristopher S
Ian D
Ally S
Wyatt V
Micaela B
Brayden F
Luc D

Australian Finalists

The following finalists will be competing for the Australian Grand Prize, a home entertainment centre valued at AUD$5,000

Joshua K, age 14, Dover Heights, NSW, Australia – Janus
Joseph A, age 11, Kincumber, NSW, Australia – Ekaterina
Alevine M, age 11, Hampton Park, VIC, Australia – Tomas
Brayden R, age 9, Bundaberg, QLD, Australia – Ekaterina
Adrian B, age 9, Bayswater, WA, Australia – Ekaterina
Mikka B, age 10, Buderim, QLD, Australia – Ekaterina
Braden G, age 13, Embleton, Perth, WA, Australia – Ekaterina
Steven C, age 14, Kyle Bay, NSW, Australia – Lucian
Justin S, age 13, Ryde, NSW, Australia – Ekaterina
Damon T, age 12, Blue Haven, NSW, Australia – Lucian
Esther P, age 12, Arncliffe, NSW, Australia – Ekaterina
Jacob S, age 10, Miltham, VIC, Australia – Janus
Indiana T, age 10, Brisbane, QLD, Australia – Lucian
Joshua M, age 15, Wangdong, VIC, Australia – Lucian
Charlotte S, age 11, Brisbane, QLD, Australia – Janus
Aidan B, age 13, Coburg, VIC, Australia – Tomas
Brooke E, age 10, Goulburn, NSW, Australia – Tomas
Connor W, age 10, Sandy Bay, TAS, Australia – Ekaterina
Bradley W, age 14, Narrogin, WA, Australia – Ekaterina
Uri B, age 15, Isaacs, ACT, Australia – Lucian
Isaac J, age 12, Highgate, SA, Australia – Janus
Keira J, age 9, Bungendore, NSW, Australia – Janus
Alexander K, age 13, Sans Souci, NSW, Australia – Ekaterina
Catherine T, age 13, Shenton Park, WA, Australia – Ekaterina
Rhys W, age 13, Aberfayle Park, SA, Australia – Ekaterina
Tobias M, age 11, Willoughby, NSW, Australia – Lucian
Jessica C, age 13, Warranwood, VIC, Australia – Ekaterina
Harry A, age 11, Urraween, QLD, Australia – Janus
Callum D, age 15, Ungarie, NSW, Australia – Ekaterina
Jonathan L, age 13, Sans Souci, NSW, Australia – Tomas

Alevine M
Brayden R
Catherine T
Charlotte S
Indiana T
Jonathan L
Justin S
Mikka B

Asian Finalists

The following finalists will be competing for the US$5,000 Asian Grand Prize:

Scott H, age 10, , Singapore, Singapore – Ekaterina
Gan J, age 13, Petaling Jaya, Selangto, Malaysia, Malaysia – Lucian
Fatin H, age 10, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malaysia – Lucian
Anmol R, age 12, Tampines Street 84, Singapore, Singapore – Ekaterina
Akshay T, age 14, Bangalore, India , India – Ekaterina
Mayank J, age 13, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, India – Tomas
Damian C, age 13, Bulit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malaysia – Tomas
Harshita G, age 12, Mumbai, India , India – Janus
Urvidh N, age 12, Colaba, Mumbai, India, India – Lucian
Shriank K, age 11, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, India – Janus
Urvashi U, age 12, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, India – Ekaterina
Bryan F, age 12, Subang, Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, Malaysia – Ekaterina

Akshay T
Damian C
Shriank K

UK and New Zealand Grand Prize Winners

The grand prizewinners from the UK and New Zealand sweepstakes will also be announced on March 9th.
The UK and Ireland Grand Prize winner will receive £5,000 or €6,600 for Ireland residents.
The NZ Grand Prize winner will receive $5,000 NZD.