The 39 Clues

The 39 Clues Photo Credits: PART ONE


Card 1: Front: surveillance camera illustration: Headcase Design/© Scholastic 2008; Back: logo template.

Card 2: Front: “Dan Cahill”: James Levin/© Scholastic 2008, leather: © Digital Textures (RF/CD) via SJI Associates; Back: school line art: © Jyothi N Joshi/Big Stock Photo, letter and file: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2008, hanging folders: © Christine Balderas/iStockphoto.

Card 3: Front: catacombs drawing: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2008; Back: logo template.

Card 4: Front: paper: © Slavomir Ulicny/Stock.xchng, list: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2008, wood background: © Oliver Gruener/Stock.xchng, paper clip: © Josep Altarriba/Stock.xchng; Back: logo template.

Card 5: Front: “George McClain”: © Steve Prezant/Corbis, granite texture: © Manoel Silva/Stock.xchng, wallpaper: © Digital Textures (RF/CD) via SJI Associates; Back: paper: © Sophie/Stock.xchng, coffee mug: © Judi Seiber/Stock.xchng, marble texture: © Photodisc (RF/CD) via SJI Associates.

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Card 7: Front: Maria Marapao illustration: Kanako Damerum and Yuzuru Takasaki/© Scholastic 2009; Back: locker and books: © Rob Melnychuk/Digital Vision (RF)/Getty Images, open notebook: © Cris DeRaud/Stock.xchng, notebook: © Jeanell Norvell/iStockphoto, books: © Volkan Ersoy/iStockphoto, sword: © Hemera Technologies/ (RF)/Jupiter Images, ninja picture: © AJH Designs/StockXpert, all eskrima sticks: © Gerville Hall/iStockphoto, bolo dagger: © Allen Johnson/iStockphoto.

Card 8: Front: “Ophir Dhupam”: © PhotosIndia (RF)/Getty Images, Bollywood dancers: © DreamPictures/Taxi/Getty Images, Taj Mahal: Courtesy David O'Hanlon/SJI Associates; Back: computer desktop: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009, man (re-use): © PhotosIndia (RF)/Getty Images.

Card 9: Front: Harry Houdini: Library of Congress; Back: line art of scale: © Stephen Stacey/Stock.xchng, notebook: © Sophie/Stock.xchng, wood: © Zsuzsanna Kilián/Stock.xchng.

Card 10: Front: Gervais Raoul Lufbery: National Aviation Hall of Fame, lion cub: © LMR Group (RF)/Alamy, goggles: © Titelio/Shutterstock; Back: paper and logo: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009.

Card 11: Front: paper: © Niels Timmer/Stock.xchng, oboe: © Stockbyte (RF)/Getty Images, piano: © jjm/Morguefile; Back: window reflection: © Samuel Rosa/Stock.xchng, oboe (re-use): © Stockbyte (RF)/Getty Images, violin: © LastClick/Stock.xchng, both horns: © Damian Searles/Stock.xchng, CDs: © Thomas Lobker/Stock.xchng, gondola: © Daniela Lenarcic/Stock.xchng.

Card 12: Front: Taj Mahal aerial view: © Yann Arthus-Bertrand/Corbis; Back: logo template.

Card 13: Front: Frankenstein illustration: Kent Barton/© Scholastic 2009; book: © Mikhail Lavrenov/StockXpert, wood table: © alxm/StockXpert; Back: logo template.

Card 14: Front: Marie Antoinette illustration: Craig Spearing/© Scholastic 2009, frame: © Sanja Gjenero/Stock.xchng, handmade paper: © Mátyás Huszár/Stock.xchng, easel: © Jared Tolla/Morguefile, board and paint: © Stephen Eastop/Stock.xchng, skull: © avtg/iStockphoto; Back: logo template.

Card 15: Front: gray paper and telegraph paper: © Marija/Stock.xchng, Morse code paper: © Gregory Zamets/Stock.xchng, leather: © Digital Textures (RF/CD) via SJI Associates; Back: hand sending Morse code: © North Wind Picture Archives, book paper: © Roger Kirby/Stock.xchng, leather: © Digital Textures (RF/CD) via SJI Associates, wood: © SalvaBarbera/Stock.xchng.

Card 16: Front: dot pattern: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009; Back: logo template.

Card 17: Front: woman: © Stockbyte (RF/CD) via SJI associates, school bus: © Sam Levan / Stock.xchng, computer desktop illustration: © Scholastic 2008; Back: logo template.

Card 18: Front: “Amy Cahill”: James Levin/ © Scholastic 2008; Back: table setting: © Photodisc (RF/CD) via SJI Associates, lined-paper illustration: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2008.

Card 19: Front: rock formation: © John Foxx /Stockbyte(RF)/Getty Images, tent: © Ali Halit Diker/Stock.xchng, “the Holts”: James Levin/ © Scholastic 2008; Back: line illustration: Kyle Hotz/© Scholastic 2008.

Card 20: Front: mansion: © Wojtek Boss/age fotostock; Symbols: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2008 Back: paper and background: © Ali Farid/Stock.xchng, paper: © Sophie/Stock.xchng.

Card 21: Front: “Lan Nguyen”: © James Hardy (RF)/age fotostock, graffiti background: © xbauerx/Stock.xchng; Back: stack of paper: © Photodisc (RF/CD) via SJI Associates, letter and envelope: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2008, splotches: © khz/Shutterstock, woodgrain: © Leszek Maziarz/Shutterstock.

Card 22: Front: boy on skateboard: © JupiterImages (RF)/Alamy, rocket parts © Terry Eaton/Stock.xchng; Back: logo template.

Card 23: Front: “Victor Wood”: © Jupiter Images/Creatas (RF)/Alamy, petri dish: © ImageDJ(RF)/Index Stock/, Clostridium tetani: © Melba Photo Agency(RF)/Index Stock/; Back: cell phone: © scorpion26/iStockphoto, sticky note paper: © Sanja Gjenero/Stock.xchng.

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Card 25: Front: astronomer royal illustration: Doug Solomon/© Scholastic 2009; apple: © Photodisc (RF/CD) via SJI Associates; Back: star chart: ©Nikolay Staykov/iStockphoto, map: © Visual Language (RF/CD) via SJI Associates.

Card 26: Front and Back: bamboo texture: © Mateusz Atroszko/Stock.xchng, book: © Niels Timmer/Stock.xchng; Front: Marie Curie illustration: Kanako Damerum and Yuzuru Takasaki/© Scholastic 2009; Back: Marie Curie: The Granger Collection, lab glassware: © Zern Liew/Stock.xchng, retro thermometer: © Ula Kapala/Stock.xchng, chemistry flasks: © Jean Scheijen/Stock.xchng.

Card 27: Front: monster: © Hemera Technologies (RF)/Jupiter Images, Loch Ness Castle: © Diane Macdonald/Photographer's Choice (RF)/Getty Images; Back: logo template.

Card 28: Front: building: © Monty Rakusen/Digital Vision (RF)/Veer, mountains: © Martial Colomb/Photographer's Choice (RF)/Getty Images, flag: © DanShirley/Stock.xchng, French flag: © Gaston Thauvin/Stock.xchng, chewing gum: © Jason Smith/Stock.xchng, metal surface: © Deon Staffelbach/Stock.xchng; Back: logo template.

Card 29: Front: ship: © Gary Scott/Stock.xchng, explosion: © Jerry Pank/Stock.xchng, flags: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009; Back: old book: © HuanLiu/Stock.xchng, flags: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009, metal texture: © Craig Jewell/Stock.xchng.

Card 30: Front: man's face: © Focus Stock Fotografico/UpperCut Images (RF)/GettyImages, turban: © Jupiter Images/Brand X (RF)/Alamy, wood: © Photodisc (RF/CD) via SJIAssociates; Back: logo template.

Card 31: Front: HALO drawing: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009; Back: logo template.

Card 32: Front: mechanical sense illustration: Drew Morrison/© Scholastic 2009; Back: logo template.

Card 33: Front: “Saladin”: James Levin/© Scholastic 2008, headband: SJI Associates/©Scholastic 2009, paper wall © Kiriko Shirobayashi/Taxi Japan/Getty Images, large sushi in back: © Robson Oliveira/Stock.xchng, pieces of sushi in front: © Erik Araujo/Stock.xchng, platter: ©PhotoObjects/Jupiter via SJI, tabletop: © Salva Barbera/Stock.xchng, bonsai tree on right: © homero chapa/Stock.xchng, bonsai tree on left: © Claudia Meyer/Stock.xchng, bamboo: © Robson Oliveira/Stock.xchng, border: © Veer Design Essentials (RF/CD) via SJI Associates, fabric background: © Digital Textures (RF/CD) via SJI Associates; Back: inferno illustration: Kyle Hotz/© Scholastic 2009.

Card 34: Front: “Alistair Oh”: © Royalty-Free/Rubberball, body and hair: © Brand X (RF)/Veer, Harvard building: © JamesLemass/Index Stock/ car: © Brad Wieland/iStockphoto, diploma: © Cheryl Graham/iStockphoto; Back: letter and envelope: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009, mail stack: © Photodisc (RF/CD) via SJI Associates, Harvard logo: Harvard website via SJI Associates,leather background: © Photodisc (RF/CD) via SJI Associates.

Card 35: Front: Hope diamond: © Bolton Picture Library/Bridgeman Art Library; Back: wood tabletop: © Salva Barbera/Stock.xchng, Section 7 logo: SJIAssociates/© Scholastic 2009.

Card 36: Front: passport: © Scholastic 2009; Back: passport stamp: © John Sigler/iStockphoto, other passport stamps: SJI Associates/©Scholastic 2009.

Card 37: Front: Tavernier illustration: Douglas Smith/© Scholastic 2009, scroll: © Davide Guglielmo/Stock.xchng; Back: diamond: © Norbert Millauer/ddp,file folder: © Feng Yu/Shutterstock, ballpoint pen: © Antonio Jiménez Alonso/Stock.xchng, woodgrain: © Elvis Santana/Stock.xchng, paper clip: © Al Johnson/Stock.xchng.

Card 38: Front: tattoo illustration: Regine Gonzalez/© Scholastic 2009, man's back: © DAJ (RF)/Getty Images, alley: © Thorsten Rust/Shutterstock; Back: logo template

Card 39: Front: “Gordon Klose”: © Photodisc (RF)/Getty Images; Back: passport contents: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009; Front and Back: Section 7 logo: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009.

Card 40: Front: “Alana Flores”: © Tom Legoff/Digital Vision (RF)/Veer, trophy: © Tomasz Szkopiski/Stock.xchng, horizontal plaque (both uses): © Kenn Kiser/Morguefile, vertical plaque (both uses): © Ben Turner/Morguefile; Back: girl crying: © Steven Puetzer/Iconica/Getty Images, newspaper: © Kathryn McCallum/Stock.xchng, chess piece: © Emanuele Vezzaro/Stock.xchng.

Card 41: Front: man: © Stewart Charles Cohen/Photodisc (RF)/Getty Images, fire: © Photodisc (RF/CD) via SJI Associates, paper: © Roger Kirby/Stock.xchng, St. Basil's: © Dean Conger/Corbis; Back: paper and bulletin board: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009.

Card 42: Front: “Ching Shih”: © Alex Mares-Manton/Getty Images; Front and Back: body: © Candela Foto Art/Kreuziger/Getty Images, paper: © Effinity Stock Photography/iStockphoto, sword: © Candela Foto Art/Kreuziger/Getty Images, wood: © Photodisc (RF/CD) via SJI Associates.

Card 43: Front: Enigma machine: © LittleJoe/, paper: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009; Back: Bletchley Park: courtesy Matt Crypto/, foreground car: © Stefan K./Stock.xchng, car and motorcycle: © Art Explosion(RF/CD) via SJIAssociates.

Card 44: Front: Salem witches illustration: Craig Spearing/© Scholastic 2009; Back: logo template.

Card 45: Front: pen: © Dale Eurenius/Stock.xchng, radio: © Klaus Post/Stock.xchng; Back: men in alley: © ckdj/zefa (RF)/Corbis.

Card 46: Front: fist: © Michael Schwab/Digital Vision (RF)/Getty Images, ring: © Malina/Stock.xchng; Back: rings: © Malina/Stock.xchng, vial:Index Stock (RF)/, skull and crossbones: © excape25/iStockphoto, black powder: © Daniele Musella/Morguefile,red and green powder: © Trine de Florie/Stock.xchng.

Card 47: Front: snake charmer illustration: Craig Spearing/© Scholastic 2009; Back: logo template.

Card 48: Front: newspaper: © Rob Byron/Shutterstock, magic box illustration: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009; Back: logo template.

Card 49: Front: “Paul Addison”: © Stock4B (RF)/Getty Images, fence: © Carlos Butler/Stock.xchng, Loch Ness countryside: © Photodisc (RF/CD) viaSJI Associates; Back: computer: © Emre Nacigil/Stock.xchng, computer desktop screen: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009, marker: © Judi Seiber/Stock.xchng, monster (re-use): © Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects (RF)/Jupiter Images, castle (re-use): © Diane Macdonald/Photographer's Choice (RF)/Getty Images.

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Card 51: Front: Ederle: © AP/Wideworld, swimming cap: © Royalty-Free/Masterfile, towel: © Royalty-Free/Masterfile; Back: Ederle illustration: DougSolomon/© Scholastic 2009, newspaper: © Greg Paris/Morguefile, teacup: © Kay Pat/Stock.xchng.

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Card 54: Front: map: courtesy University of Texas, sign and post: © Jack Sanders/Stock.xchng, mountains: © Rita Mezzela/Stock.xchng, front and left dogsled: © Ingram/Superstock (RF)/Alamy, middle dog sled: © Visions of America (RF)/Alamy; Back: logo template.

Card 55: Front: guy left: © Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock, guy center, guy right, and all jackets: © Vova Pomortzeff/Shutterstock, jewelry: © Erich Lessing/Art Resource, web browser illustration: SJI Associates/© Scholastic 2009; Back: logo template.

Card 56: Front: comic book illustration: Bill Sienkiewicz/© Scholastic 2009; fabric texture: Digital Textures (RF/CD) via SJI Associates; Back: guard: ©Blue Jean Images (RF)/Getty Images, embassy: © Hola Images (RF).

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Mission 0: Agent Training

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Lab Rat: The 39 Clues Card 26.

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Mission 1: Titanic-The Lost Clue

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Mission 2: The Emperor's Secret

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Mission 3: The Lost Diamond

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Mission 4: The Lucian Fort

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Mission 5: The General’s Clue

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Mission 6: The Mad Scientist’s Clue

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Mission 7: The Frozen Secret

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Mission 8: The Desert Sabotage

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Mission 9: The Cliffhanger Clue

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Mission 10: End Game

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Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines

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