The 39 Clues

Ready to play, but not sure how? Have questions about the website? Watch the videos and read the FAQs to learn more about The 39 Clues. Once you know, you're ready to go!

Your Clue Map is your guide to the 39 Clues. Each white pin on the map is a Clue that you need to collect. Click on the "Locations" button at the bottom to see them in a list.

Book Clues

Each book contains a Clue. To access it, find the code on the bottom on the cards that come with that book, then enter the code in My Cards.

Card Clues

There are 19 Card Clues. To get a Card Clue, collect all cards in a Card Combo. You can find the Card Combos on your Clue Map, or through the Combo button in My Cards. Don’t forget to use your replicators to fill in the cards you don’t have. Find out how to use replicators and where to get them here.

Mission Clues

To collect the Mission Clues, complete each Mission.