The 39 Clues


  1. Nowhere To Run
  2. Breakaway
  3. Countdown
  4. Flashpoint

Book 3: Countdown

Book 3: Countdown

Natalie Standiford

Natalie Standiford

Natalie was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, but now lives in New York City. A top Lucian agent, she speaks Russian and has gone on numerous secret Cahill missions abroad. When she's not writing, or going undercover, she plays bass in two rock bands: Tiger Beat and Ruffian. You can uncover more of her secrets at

Natalie Standiford

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Natalie Standiford - Front Natalie Standiford - Back

The clock has finally run out for the Cahills. As the leaders of the most powerful family, Dan and Amy have been in the crosshairs for too long. It was only a matter of time until luck failed them.

Media tycoon and presidential candidate J. Rutherford Pierce has set his sights on destroying the siblings. And after numerous close calls, it looks like he's about to get his wish.

Now Dan is hopelessly trapped and nothing can save him. Nothing except unleashing an evil the Cahills have spent centuries trying to hide.

The Cahills have always had a secret weapon, but it comes at a great cost. With everything to lose, Amy has to ask herself the question that haunts her nightmares:

Just how far is she willing to go to save her little brother?

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The 39 Clues is a storytelling adventure that leaps across books, cards and this website to put YOU at the center of the action. You are a member of the Cahills, the world’s most powerful family. The source of the power has been hidden across the globe in the form of 39 Clues. In the first series, The Clue Hunt, your mission is to find the 39 Clues – at any cost. The series kicks off with Book 1: The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan. The second series is Cahills vs. Vespers, which introduces you to a deadly enemy hiding in the shadows. Your mission is to stop the Vespers – before the world pays the price. Cahills vs. Vespers launches with Book 1: The Medusa Plot by Gordon Korman. Do you have what it takes?