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Tomas Stats and Secrets


Tomas Archives - Skateboard Memo

The Tomas decide that the Ekats can't be the only branch with super sweet skateboards.


Tomas Archives - Western strategy

Tomas bandits devise a plan to take control of the Wild West.


Tomas Archives – Alistair Oh Warning

The Tomas leadership orders the Yakuza to apprehend Alistair Oh in Tokyo.


Tomas Archives - Intelligence report on Grace Cahill

The Tomas sent an agent deep into the jungle of Madagascar to spy on the secretive Grace Cahill.


Tomas Archives - 10 ways to know if you’re an Ekat

Greatest chain e-mail ever! Take that, Ekats!


Tomas Archives - Escaping the Madrigals TOP SECRET

The Tomas’ famous trek from Anchorage to Nome was the inspiration for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The real danger was not the bitter cold or the treacherous snow: it was the sled of Madrigals following them.


Tomas Archives - Tomb raiders

Tomas agents have been following Howard Carter around Egypt. We will not let the Ekats keep all the good stuff for themselves!


Tomas Archives-The Tomas revive the Olympic Games

Contrary to popular belief, the Olympic Games were not founded to unite the countries of the world. The Tomas branch organized the modern Olympic Games to show off to the other Cahills.


Tomas Archives - Eisenhower Holt report

Eisenhower Holt’s report on the funeral at Cahill Manor


Tomas Archives - Letter from David Livingstone

The famous explorer confirms the plans for mission to Africa.

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I Like Useless Facts - Ching Shih

A beautiful buccaneer: Ching Shih, the most successful pirate ever


Cahill Son Mysteriously Disappears

Fiske Cahill has been missing for six weeks. Police suspect the worst.


Something’s Fishy in the Loch

There is NO Loch Ness monster and I’m going to prove it. Something strange is going on, but it doesn’t have fins!


I Like Useless Facts - Frankenstein

Fact or fiction? The truth behind Mary Shelley’s most famous work.


The Truth Is Out There - Bermuda Triangle

It’s not a coincidence. Too many ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Someone is hiding something there. Something they’ll kill to protect.


Jonah Wizard Interview in TeenLyfe Magazine

Jonah spills about his life, career, and secret talents!


I Like Useless Facts - Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is full of beautiful rooms and extravagant features. But is there something even more special hidden out of sight?


Fashion and Fractions

Lilya Chernova’s blog for English class. Ms. Fedorova, please give her an A!


CliqueMe - Ned Starling

Ned Starling’s profile on the number 3 social networking site on the web!


Crazee Collectors Online - Samurai Swords

Dan Cahill is looking for a Samurai sword to add to his collection.