The 39 Clues



Tomas Stats and Secrets


Tomas Archives-Alistair Oh surveillance photos

We have to stop that slimy Ekat before he gets too close.


Tomas Archives-The Tomas revive the Olympic Games

Contrary to popular belief, the Olympic Games were not founded to unite the countries of the world. The Tomas branch organized the modern Olympic Games to show off to the other Cahills.


Tomas Archives - Tomb raiders

Tomas agents have been following Howard Carter around Egypt. We will not let the Ekats keep all the good stuff for themselves!


Tomas Archives - 10 ways to know if you’re an Ekat

Greatest chain e-mail ever! Take that, Ekats!


Tomas Archives - Intercepted e-mail from William McIntyre

The Tomas intercepted an e-mail from William McIntyre concerning Amy and Dan’s trip to Australia.


Tomas Archives - Intelligence report on Grace Cahill

The Tomas sent an agent deep into the jungle of Madagascar to spy on the secretive Grace Cahill.


Tomas Archives - Eisenhower Holt report

Eisenhower Holt’s report on the funeral at Cahill Manor


Tomas Archives - Skateboard Memo

The Tomas decide that the Ekats can't be the only branch with super sweet skateboards.


Tomas Archives - Escaping the Madrigals TOP SECRET

The Tomas’ famous trek from Anchorage to Nome was the inspiration for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The real danger was not the bitter cold or the treacherous snow: it was the sled of Madrigals following them.


Tomas Archives - Heinrich Heinrichson report

Heinrich Heinrichson reports on William McIntyre’s mysterious activities in Paris.

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Cahill Web —



Cahill Son Mysteriously Disappears

Fiske Cahill has been missing for six weeks. Police suspect the worst.


Attleboro Gazette-Grace Cahill Must Go!

Opinion columnist J.R. Tipscootch has an unfortunate encounter with Grace Cahill’s state-of-the-art security system.


CliqueMe - Yasmeen Badawi

Yasmeen's Badawi's profile on the #3 social networking site on the web!


Polo Chaos

Ian Kabra abandons his school’s polo match to join his sister on their private helicopter.


I Like Useless Facts - Iditarod

The famous race commemorates the bravery of men who transported medicine via dogsled in Alaska in 1925. Some think they may have also been carrying something even more important.


Large Hadron Collider May Destroy the Earth

CERN physicists are conducting dangerous experiments that may create black holes. What’s the real reason for this bizarre research?


Agra Times - Sky Diving Gone Wrong

Tourist attempts to parachute onto Taj Mahal grounds.


I Like Useless Facts - Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley was a world-class sharpshooter who traveled the globe. Some people think she was purely an entertainer. Others believe she was trained to do something else entirely.


I Like Useless Facts - Frankenstein

Fact or fiction? The truth behind Mary Shelley’s most famous work.


Bunbury Bugle - Strongman Flop

Stupid mistake disqualifies Holt from competition