The 39 Clues



Classified! Top Secret!


Lucian Archives - Napoleon report

The Lucians found it difficult to control one of their most powerful members: Napoleon Bonaparte.


Lucian Archives - Benjamin Franklin’s letter to the Lucian leadership

TOP SECRET—Benjamin Franklin’s letter of treachery. He disobeyed the Lucian leadership and hid a Clue without our approval. THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR HIGH-LEVEL LUCIANS ONLY.


Lucian Archives - Natalie Kabra’s report on Grace Cahill’s funeral

Natalie and Ian prepare to dominate the competition in the search for the 39 Clues.


Lucian Archives - Intelligence Report on Grace Cahill

Even the sneaky Lucians have trouble tailing Grace Cahill.


Lucian Archives - Letter to Gustave Eiffel

The Lucian leadership asks Eiffel to include secret compartments in his designs for two iconic structures.


Lucian Archives - Stolen Alistair Oh surveillance photos

The Tomas have been following Alistair Oh for months. We stole these photos from the Tomas archive to figure out why. It's like taking candy from a baby.


Lucian Archives - Ederle threat

The Lucian brotherhood must stop Gertrude Ederle from reaching England.


Lucian Archives - Death of Sidney George Reilly TOP SECRET

Top Lucian spy Sidney George Reilly was killed by the Ekaterinas.


Lucian Archives - Heinrich Heinrichson’s capture

Irina Spasky apprehends Tomas agent Heinrich Heinrichson during an argument about boxing kangaroos.


Lucian Archives - Alana Flores report

Annual review of Alana Flores. The Lucian leadership decided that she cannot hunt for Clues until she learns to control her temper.

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Cahill Web —

A Place to Spy


I Like Useless Facts - Marie Curie

The famous scientist may have been hiding her most important project from the world.


I Like Useless Facts - Harry Houdini

Houdini was a world-famous escape artist, but some people believe he had a more important goal than entertaining audiences. Was he really training himself to break in and out of top secret locations?


I Like Useless Facts - Alcatraz

Why did the government really build a fortress in the middle of San Francisco Bay? What were they protecting?


I Like Useless Facts - Spy Pigeons

For centuries, humans have used pigeons to spy on their enemies and take photographs of secret locations.


Adams Middle School Bulletin - Missing Mascot Heads

Dan Cahill causes ruckus by “collecting” mascot heads


The Great Spamgali

Famous hypnotist falls asleep during his performance


Mysterious Fire Kills Married Couple

Arthur Trent, 42, and Hope Cahill, 41, lost their lives in the blaze that destroyed the family’s brownstone.


Guest Paralysed at Kabra Ball: Poison Involved?

A guest at the Kabra Halloween Ball made a grave error when she wore the same costume as Natalie Kabra.


I Like Useless Facts - Eskrima

This beautiful but deadly Filipino martial art is only for true warriors.


CliqueMe - Ian Kabra

Ian Kabra’s profile on the # 3 social networking site on the web!