The 39 Clues



Classified! Top Secret!


Lucian Archives - Irina Spasky's Istanbul Report

Irina Spasky reports on the trip she took to Istanbul looking for something VERY important.


Lucian Archives - Natalie Kabra’s report on Grace Cahill’s funeral

Natalie and Ian prepare to dominate the competition in the search for the 39 Clues.


Lucian Archives - Stolen Alistair Oh surveillance photos

The Tomas have been following Alistair Oh for months. We stole these photos from the Tomas archive to figure out why. It's like taking candy from a baby.


Lucian Archives - Alana Flores report

Annual review of Alana Flores. The Lucian leadership decided that she cannot hunt for Clues until she learns to control her temper.


Lucian Archives - Intercepted e-mail from William McIntyre

The Lucians intercepted an e-mail from William McIntyre concerning Amy and Dan’s trip to Australia.


Lucian Archives - Intelligence Report on Grace Cahill

Even the sneaky Lucians have trouble tailing Grace Cahill.


Lucian Archives - Madrigal sightings

The Lucians have led the charge to identify Madrigals around the world.


Lucian Archives - Death of Sidney George Reilly TOP SECRET

Top Lucian spy Sidney George Reilly was killed by the Ekaterinas.


Lucian Archives - Ederle threat

The Lucian brotherhood must stop Gertrude Ederle from reaching England.


Lucian Archives - Alana Flores’s India assignment

The Lucian leadership sends Alana Flores on a top secret mission to India.

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Cahill Web —

A Place to Spy


I Like Useless Facts - CERN

The scientists at CERN are conducting dangerous experiments that could end human life as we know it.


Prominent Archaeologist and Humanitarian Dies in Tragic Fire

Hope Cahill is remembered for her devotion to her family and her kindness toward others.


CliqueMe - Natalie Kabra

Natalie Kabra’s profile on the #3 social networking site on the web!


I Like Useless Facts - Spy Pigeons

For centuries, humans have used pigeons to spy on their enemies and take photographs of secret locations.


Blog - Natalie Kabra’s Guide to the Universe

Deep and glamorous thoughts from someone smarter and better looking than you.


Better Jobs 4 U-Gordon Klose’s Résumé

Experienced spy is looking for a job unrelated to the sale of stuffed toys.


Thompson Falls PTA Bulletin

Terrified parents and teachers complain about the Holt twins.


The Truth Is Out There - Ekaterina

Is there a secret organization with advanced technology ready to take over the planet?


MIT Compass - Beloved Professor Dies in Fire

Professor Arthur Trent and wife Hope Cahill die in a mysterious fire.


I Like Useless Facts - HALO

HALO is a form of a parachuting that allows the parachutist to sneak past enemy radar.