The 39 Clues



Our Deep Dark Secrets


Janus Archives - Letter to Lord Byron

Mary Shelley warns Lord Byron to stop his investigation of the Cahills. The famous poet’s obsession led him down a dangerous path.


Janus Archives - Top secret memo from Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini breaks into Benjamin Franklin’s house as part of his Clue hunt.


Janus Archives - Letter from Ophir Dhupam

Angelina Jolie snubs Janus Ophir Dhupam at the Oscars.


Janus Archives - Jonah Wizard’s report on Grace Cahill’s will reading

Jonah’s update on the first day of the competition


Janus Archives - Surveillance photos of the Kabras

The Lucians have been training the Kabra children for important Clue-hunting missions. We must track their movements.


Top Secret letter to Maria Marapao

The Janus leadership sent agent Maria Marapao on a top secret mission to Venice to retrieve an extremely important book.


Janus Archives - Top Janus in Hollywood

Hollywood is full of highly trained Janus like the Jonas Brothers. Some are ready to be sent on Clue-hunting missions.


Janus Archives - E-mail from William McIntyre

The Janus intercepted an e-mail from William McIntyre concerning Amy and Dan’s trip to Australia.


Janus Archives - Letter from Lan Nguyen to Cora Wizard

Lan Nguyen seeks advice about Clue hunting.


Janus Archives - Letter to Gervais Raoul Lufbery

The Janus leadership warns the flying ace about what will happen if he switches sides. No one betrays the Janus and lives to talk about it.

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Cahill Web —

Info on the Boring Branches


Agra Times - Sky Diving Gone Wrong

Tourist attempts to parachute onto Taj Mahal grounds.


Thompson Falls Middle School adds three new PE classes

Principal Clement hopes that classes like Parkour will keep the Holt children too busy to torture their classmates.


I Like Useless Facts - Ghurka

The true story of the world’s most fearsome warriors


Jonah Wizard Official Website

The official website for Jonah Wizard. Get the latest news about the hottest star around. This is the only site authorized by Jonah himself, so steer clear of all those wannabe pages. Peace.


American family arrested in Paris

The Holts are caught trying to climb up the Eiffel Tower.


Haiku Haven

Poet and Eskrimador Maria Marapao writes strange haiku about traveling the world.


The Truth Is Out There - Ekaterina

Is there a secret organization with advanced technology ready to take over the planet?


I like Useless Facts – Famous Diamonds

The world’s most legendary diamonds are often famous for qualities other than size or beauty. Some are rumored to be deadly!


The Other Side of the Story - Benjamin Franklin in Paris

Benjamin Franklin exhibited mysterious behavior in Paris. Evidence suggests that he was part of an ancient secret organization.


I Like Useless Facts - Iditarod

The famous race commemorates the bravery of men who transported medicine via dogsled in Alaska in 1925. Some think they may have also been carrying something even more important.