The 39 Clues



Our Deep Dark Secrets


Janus Archives - E-mail from William McIntyre

The Janus intercepted an e-mail from William McIntyre concerning Amy and Dan’s trip to Australia.


Janus Archives—Letter from King Ludwig

King Ludwig fears an Ekaterina plot to overthrow him and seize control of his castles.


Janus Archives - Jonah Wizard’s report on Grace Cahill’s will reading

Jonah’s update on the first day of the competition


Top Secret letter to Maria Marapao

The Janus leadership sent agent Maria Marapao on a top secret mission to Venice to retrieve an extremely important book.


Janus Archives - Jonah's Report from Versailles

Jonah Wizard searches the Palace of Versailles for information about the Tomas's missing diamond.


Janus Archives - Letter to Gervais Raoul Lufbery

The Janus leadership warns the flying ace about what will happen if he switches sides. No one betrays the Janus and lives to talk about it.


Janus Archives - Tomas threat

The Janus worry that the Tomas bandits have too much control over the Wild West.


Janus Archives - Letter to Lord Byron

Mary Shelley warns Lord Byron to stop his investigation of the Cahills. The famous poet’s obsession led him down a dangerous path.


Janus Archives - Top Janus in Hollywood

Hollywood is full of highly trained Janus like the Jonas Brothers. Some are ready to be sent on Clue-hunting missions.


Janus Archives - Letter from Lan Nguyen to Cora Wizard

Lan Nguyen seeks advice about Clue hunting.

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Cahill Web —

Info on the Boring Branches


CliqueMe – Chrissy Collins

Chrissy Collins’s profile on the # 3 social networking site on the web!


CliqueMe - Dan Cahill

Dan Cahill’s profile on the # 3 social networking site on the web!


The Truth Is Out There - Bermuda Triangle

It’s not a coincidence. Too many ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Someone is hiding something there. Something they’ll kill to protect.


Better Jobs 4 U-Gordon Klose’s Résumé

Experienced spy is looking for a job unrelated to the sale of stuffed toys.


Sinead Starling Movie Reviews

Sinead Starling enjoys cute robots and races around the globe.


I Like Useless Facts – The Statue of Liberty

Is there a secret behind one of the world’s most famous monuments?


I Like Useless Facts - Loch Ness

The truth behind Scotland’s most famous resident.


I Like Useless Facts—Petra

What secrets are concealed within this ancient city?


Local Girl Steals Dogs for Fake Iditarod

Police were called when 11-year-old Reagan Holt stole her neighbors’ dogs to re-create the Alaskan dogsled race on her street.


I Like Useless Facts - Eiffel Tower

What is the real history behind France’s most famous monument?