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Our Deep Dark Secrets


Janus Archives - Top secret memo from Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini breaks into Benjamin Franklin’s house as part of his Clue hunt.


Top Secret letter to Maria Marapao

The Janus leadership sent agent Maria Marapao on a top secret mission to Venice to retrieve an extremely important book.


Janus Archives - Letter to Gervais Raoul Lufbery

The Janus leadership warns the flying ace about what will happen if he switches sides. No one betrays the Janus and lives to talk about it.


Janus Archives - Top Janus in Hollywood

Hollywood is full of highly trained Janus like the Jonas Brothers. Some are ready to be sent on Clue-hunting missions.


Janus Archives - E-mail from William McIntyre

The Janus intercepted an e-mail from William McIntyre concerning Amy and Dan’s trip to Australia.


Janus Archives - Letter from Lan Nguyen to Cora Wizard

Lan Nguyen seeks advice about Clue hunting.


Janus Archives - Tomas threat

The Janus worry that the Tomas bandits have too much control over the Wild West.


Janus Archives - Surveillance photos of the Kabras

The Lucians have been training the Kabra children for important Clue-hunting missions. We must track their movements.


Janus Archives—Letter from King Ludwig

King Ludwig fears an Ekaterina plot to overthrow him and seize control of his castles.


Janus Archives - Letter from Mozart to Fidelio Racco

Mozart threatens to write an opera about Fidelio Racco unless Mozart receives his shipment of Japanese steel.

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Cahill Web —

Info on the Boring Branches


CliqueMe - Alana Flores

Alana Flores’s profile on the number 3 social networking site on the web!


The Truth Is Out There - Loch Ness Monster

Something strange is lurking in Scotland’s Loch Ness. Is it a monster? Or something even more sinister?


Better Jobs 4 U-Gordon Klose’s Résumé

Experienced spy is looking for a job unrelated to the sale of stuffed toys.


Jonah Wizard’s Blog

Get up close and personal with the Wizard Gangsta himself!


Historical Adventures - Ching Shih

Young Natalie Kabra has chosen a unique historical role model. Not every child idolizes a murderous pirate.


Spotlight on Maria Marapao: Eskrimador

Eskrima champion Maria Marapao plans to take time off to travel the world. We hope she finds what she’s looking for.


Attleboro Gazette - Grace Cahill Obituary

Grace Cahill’s life was full of triumph and tragedy. She was a prominent figure in academic and social circles, but lost numerous family members in mysterious accidents.


Jonah Wizard Interview in TeenLyfe Magazine

Jonah spills about his life, career, and secret talents!


Attleboro Gazette-Grace Cahill Must Go!

Opinion columnist J.R. Tipscootch has an unfortunate encounter with Grace Cahill’s state-of-the-art security system.


Historical Adventures - Nannerl Mozart

Amy Cahill explains why Mozart was really a dweeb.