The 39 Clues



Important Ekaterina Information


Ekaterina Archives - Letter to Dr. von Gudden

The Ekaterina leadership explains their plan to remove King Ludwig from power.


Ekaterina Archives - Intercepted e-mail from William McIntyre

The Ekats intercepted an e-mail from William McIntyre concerning Amy and Dan’s trip to Australia.


Ekaterina Archives - Howard Carter report

Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, but failed to find the third statue of Sakhet.


Ekaterina Archives - Alistair Oh’s report on Grace Cahill’s funeral

Alistair Oh suspects that other branches are trying to eliminate Amy and Dan Cahill from the competition.


Ekaterina Archives – Letter from Dimitri Makarov

The Ekaterina jeweler has been plagued by bad luck ever since he came into contact with a “cursed” diamond.


Ekaterina Archives - Madrigal photos stolen from Lucians

The Lucians have led the charge to identify Madrigals around the world.


Ekaterina Archives - Marie Curie’s visit to the United States TOP SECRET

For Top Level Ekats Only: Marie Curie discovered something even more important than Radium. It must be protected at all costs.


Ekaterina Archives - Intelligence report stolen from the Tomas

The Tomas have been following Grace Cahill around the world. They won’t mind if we “borrow” their research.


Ekaterina Archives - E-mail from Bae Oh to Alistair Oh

Bae Oh reprimands Alistair for letting Amy and Dan outwit him in Salzburg.


Ekaterina Archives-Surveillance photos of Irina Spasky

The Ekaterinas have been tracking Irina Spasky on her top-secret missions.

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Cahill Web —

Under the Microscope


The Life and Times of Annie Oakley

Madison Holt has written an “unconventional” report on Annie Oakley for school. Her teacher has posted it online for her colleagues to laugh at.


The Truth Is Out There - Ekaterina

Is there a secret organization with advanced technology ready to take over the planet?


Attleboro Gazette-Grace Cahill Must Go!

Opinion columnist J.R. Tipscootch has an unfortunate encounter with Grace Cahill’s state-of-the-art security system.


Haiku Haven

Poet and Eskrimador Maria Marapao writes strange haiku about traveling the world.


CliqueMe - Saladin

Saladin’s profile on the #3 social networking site on the web!


Jonah Wizard Official Website

The official website for Jonah Wizard. Get the latest news about the hottest star around. This is the only site authorized by Jonah himself, so steer clear of all those wannabe pages. Peace.


I Like Useless Facts - Iditarod

The famous race commemorates the bravery of men who transported medicine via dogsled in Alaska in 1925. Some think they may have also been carrying something even more important.


I Like Useless Facts - Parkour

Parkour is an extreme sport that is great for exercise and for escaping your enemies.


Mary-Todd Holt and her Herculean Household

Mary-Todd Holt shares her secrets for dealing with a family of stubborn (and sometimes violent) athletes.


I like Useless Facts – Famous Diamonds

The world’s most legendary diamonds are often famous for qualities other than size or beauty. Some are rumored to be deadly!