The 39 Clues



Important Ekaterina Information


Ekaterina Archives - Yakuza Warning

The Ekaterina leadership advises agents on how to outwit the fearsome Yakuza.


Ekaterina Archives – Letter from Dimitri Makarov

The Ekaterina jeweler has been plagued by bad luck ever since he came into contact with a “cursed” diamond.


Ekaterina Archives - Intercepted e-mail from William McIntyre

The Ekats intercepted an e-mail from William McIntyre concerning Amy and Dan’s trip to Australia.


Ekaterina Archives - Flamsteed’s complaint against Isaac Newton

Whiny John Flamsteed urges the Ekat leadership to take action against Sir Isaac Newton and his fellow Lucians.


Ekaterina Archives - Anne Cahill TOP SECRET

TOP SECRET information about the Titanic


Ekaterina Archives - Intelligence report stolen from the Tomas

The Tomas have been following Grace Cahill around the world. They won’t mind if we “borrow” their research.


Ekaterina Archives - E-mail from Bae Oh to Alistair Oh

Bae Oh reprimands Alistair for letting Amy and Dan outwit him in Salzburg.


Ekaterina Archives - Marie Curie’s visit to the United States TOP SECRET

For Top Level Ekats Only: Marie Curie discovered something even more important than Radium. It must be protected at all costs.


Ekaterina Archives - Letter to Dr. von Gudden

The Ekaterina leadership explains their plan to remove King Ludwig from power.


Ekaterina Archives - Madrigal photos stolen from Lucians

The Lucians have led the charge to identify Madrigals around the world.

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Cahill Web —

Under the Microscope


I Like Useless Facts - Loch Ness

The truth behind Scotland’s most famous resident.


I Like Useless Facts - Grace Cahill

The truth behind Attleboro’s most mysterious resident


Better Jobs 4 U-Gordon Klose’s Résumé

Experienced spy is looking for a job unrelated to the sale of stuffed toys.


CliqueMe - Reagan Holt

Reagan Holt’s profile on the #3 social networking site on the web!


CliqueMe - Ned Starling

Ned Starling’s profile on the number 3 social networking site on the web!


Large Hadron Collider May Destroy the Earth

CERN physicists are conducting dangerous experiments that may create black holes. What’s the real reason for this bizarre research?


I Like Useless Facts - HALO

HALO is a form of a parachuting that allows the parachutist to sneak past enemy radar.


The Other Side of the Story - Benjamin Franklin in Paris

Benjamin Franklin exhibited mysterious behavior in Paris. Evidence suggests that he was part of an ancient secret organization.


Better Jobs 4 U - Victor Wood’s Résumé

Talented scientist looking for job with minimal supervision.


I Like Useless Facts - Alcatraz

Why did the government really build a fortress in the middle of San Francisco Bay? What were they protecting?