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New PE Classes Added to Spring Curriculum

Principal Clement announced that the PE department will be adding three new electives next semester: Ice Hockey, Kickboxing, and Parkour. These controversial additions were only recently approved by the school board after months of campaigning. District officials were hesitant to permit middle school students to participate in these dangerous sports, but Principal Clement would not back down. He said he was desperate to find a “positive outlet” for the more active students’ “excessive energy.”

Principal Clement was referring to the Holt children, Thompson Falls Middle School’s most enthusiastic athletes. He says, “Madison Holt spends more time in my office than in class. If she gets to play hockey during PE, she might be less likely to shove her classmates against the wall during lunch.” Principal Clement has similar hopes about Reagan Holt and kickboxing class. “She’s going to kick the other students anyway. We might as well have her do it in a supervised setting and give the other kids shin guards.”

The most controversial new class is Parkour, a sport that trains people to jump over obstacles and perform aerobatic stunts. According to Principal Clement, “Hamilton Holt spends most of recess jumping from the top of the library to the roof of the science building. Nothing stops him: suspensions, detentions, etc. So he and I had a little chat and we came to a compromise. If we established an official Parkour class, he’d agree not to perform any stunts on his own.”

Hamilton is excited to start Parkour lessons. He says, “It’ll be really useful for me to practice escaping from buildings. My family is going on vacation soon, and we generally break into places we’re not supposed to be. Now I’ll always be the first person to get out!”

So far, only the Holts have signed up for these new PE electives, but school officials hope that other students will join soon. Sixth-grader Marissa Tillman says, “I’ve always wanted to do kickboxing, but I’m a little scared to be in class with Reagan. The last time we played dodgeball, I got a concussion.”