The 39 Clues


Who Are the Lucians?

The Lucians. I hadn’t heard this word until recently, but now I’m convinced I’ve stumbled across something REALLY big. I first saw it when I was researching Benjamin Franklin for a history report. I found this old letter with the sender’s and recipient’s names torn off. It mentioned that Franklin had met with a “fellow Lucian” at some point. I didn’t think much of it.

Then the word appeared again while I was visiting friends in New York. I was walking down the street late at night when I came across two men standing in the shadows, talking in hushed tones. I would have passed right by them, but I heard one of them murmur something like, “report to the Lucian leadership.” I was trying to remember where I’d heard that word before when the other man surprised me by saying, “Don’t worry. He’s been taken care of. No one will be hearing from him ever again.” Then, one of the men handed the other a briefcase and disappeared into the darkness.

I had my cell phone in my hand and snapped a quick photo before hurrying away.

That’s when I began searching for the Lucians in earnest. The word Lucian can be hard to spot in history, but it’s there if you look hard enough. I found twenty historical documents, spanning 400 years, in which the word was used. Ten of the documents concern valuable missing items, like historical weapons. Seven of the documents are about espionage. Three of the documents are about assassinations.

So who ARE the Lucians? I brought my work to my history teacher at school. The next day he called me at home, something he has never done, and told me that I need to abandon this topic immediately. He said my work is stupid, and that my sloppiness could result in me being expelled from school.

I’m writing this post without a name for a reason. If the Lucians are some secret organization, I need to protect myself. Does anyone out there have any information about them? PLEASE, let me know.