The 39 Clues


Area 51

Area 51, part of a secret military installation near Groom Lake, Nevada, has been shrouded in mystery since the 1950s. For decades, the US Air Force has tested classified aircraft in this dry desert lake bed, from U-2 spy planes to stealth fighter planes to who knows what else. Supposedly because of this top secret military research, the base is patrolled by armed guards and no one is allowed anywhere near it. Even military planes are forbidden to fly over it. Why the extreme secrecy? Is the US government merely guarding military technology at Area 51, or is something more sinister afoot?

There have been numerous reports of unusual sightings in the area. Weird lights flashing in the sky. Unidentified flying objects hovering in the air. Hikers and pilots mysteriously disappearing. The strange phenomena and super-tight security have given rise to many conspiracy theories. Some are listed below; take your pick.

Some people say that years ago aliens crash-landed at Roswell, New Mexico, and were taken to Area 51 to be studied. Some of those aliens may still be alive and living underground at the installation.1

It's also possible that the US military holds meetings with extraterrestrials at Area 51 and may be involved in joint human/alien plans to take over the world—and beyond. As part of this effort, the US military is developing top secret devices for weather control, time travel, and teleportation, as well as cloning alien viruses to which humans have no resistance (mad cow disease, anyone?). They say there's an entrance to a world-wide underground railway system at Area 51. There's also talk of the Cheshire Airstrip, which appears when workers spray water on it and disappears (like the Cheshire Cat's smile in Alice in Wonderland) when the water dries. This procedure, developed with alien technology, is perfect for hiding a landing site.

1 Nice try, Cahills. But you’re wasting your time. All of your theories are just that – theories. You will NEVER find the real truth. -.-. . .-. -.