The 39 Clues


Polo Chaos

By James Hollingsworth

Yesterday’s match against Griffiths College was full of surprises. The crowd was larger than usual as many students were curious to see Ian Kabra’s new ponies. He recently imported three new mounts from Argentina. A few minutes before throw-in, Kabra trotted out on the field while chatting on his mobile phone. Two girls tried to pet the pony, but Kabra snapped, “Get your hands off him!” The pony grew restless and began to toss his head as Kabra continued his conversation. In an act of questionable horsemanship, Kabra yanked the reins and shouted, “quit it, you stupid brute.”

However, Kabra’s performance on the field was spotless, and he scored two goals during the first chukker. The only Griffiths player who could keep up with Kabra was their captain, Nicholas Ryder, but even Ryder’s mount was no match for Kabra’s speedy import. There was a group of girls who cheered and waved every time Kabra rode by, but he ignored them.

By the beginning of the exciting sixth chukker, The Flyte School and Griffiths College were tied. With three minutes to go, Kabra and Ryder were galloping towards the ball when a strange noise distracted the players and the fans. Everyone looked up to watch a helicopter descend towards the field. While the umpires were distracted, Kabra swung his stick but, instead of aiming for the ball, he aimed for Ryder’s ankle.

By the time the umpires finally called a time-out, Kabra had dismounted and given his pony to his private groom. His sister, Natalie, was standing next to the helicopter, urgently beckoning Kabra to join her. Kabra turned to his stunned teammates and said, “Ryder’s old ankle injury is acting up. We’ve won if you don’t muck it up.”

When one of Kabra’s stunned teammates asked where he was going, he replied, “Family business in Venice.” Kabra then climbed into the helicopter and took off, leaving his teammates confused and their ponies half frightened to death by the noise.