The 39 Clues


August 15, 2008

Yo! ’sup Internet peeps? Welcome to my brand-spanking-new blog. I know y’all been waiting for this to drop. As y’all know, I’ve been mad busy with my business ventures, but I also want to stay connected with my fans. Y’all are the best! I wish I could invite every one of y’all to my crib in Beverly Hills, but that’s impossible. (Seriously — don’t try to sneak in, cuz I got mad security. Alarms, helicopters, mutant dogs —for real. So keep out!) This blog is gonna be slammin’, though. So come check it out all the time. And make sure to visit the poppin’ merchandise page. You can’t be a real gangsta till u have a closetful of Wizard Wear.

Aiiight! That’s all I have time for 2day. Peace!

August 17, 2008

What’s popping, Wizard fans? Thanks to everyone who watched the season finale of Who Want to Be a Gangsta? My favorite part was when my mom came on stage! Did y’all see it?! She flew in from Tokyo just to surprise me. That’s real love right there. She’s a mad talented artist and is always traveling for work.

When you’re as famous as I am, you need your family to stay grounded. My dad is my manager, so he travels with me all the time. We’re really tight. My mom comes on tour when she can, but she’s real busy like me. We Wizards have a responsibility to share our art with the world! When you have a gift, you gotta share it with the world. Remember that. I’m speaking some deep words up here.

August 19, 2008

Weird day. I got some sad news and was too messed up to work out with my private yoga teacher. (Don’t hate— yoga is mad gangsta.)

This old lady I was kinda related to, Grace Cahill, kicked the bucket. I only met her a few times when I was younger, but she was always really chill. She even knew TuPac when he was alive! He gave her his poetry journal right before he was killed.

I gotta fly to Massachusetts to the funeral to pay my respects. The Wizard always honors his fallen homies, you know? There’re going to be a lot of people there. My family is pretty big. Some of my cousins are also famous, but not like me! I just hope I don’t have to spend too much time with the little people. I try to keep it real, but it’s hard, ya know? I don’t like spending time with haters. It ruins all my artistic energy. Peace.

August 22, 2008

Miss me? I know y’all get nervous when I disappear! I got some bad news for y’all … I’m quitting the music business. Psych! I’m just playin’. You know I love y’all too much to stop recording and performing. But I am going to be hanging low for a while. I got some family business to attend to in Europe. If you’re worried about Wizard withdrawal, check out my brand–new Talking Jonah Wizard Nightlight! Head off to slumber land in style, yo!