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Grace Cahill


Grace Madeleine Cahill (1929-2008) was an eccentric philanthropist and cartographer famous for hosting foreign dignitaries at her Attleboro estate. She graduated from Radcliffe College with degrees in anthropology and chemistry. She married Nathaniel Hartford in 1959 and their daughter, Hope, was born in 1960.


In her thirties, Grace traveled the world studying the cultures of societies in Asia and Africa. An amateur cartographer, she also mapped the remote areas she visited and created some of the first modern maps of those regions.

In addition to her travels, she also spent a great deal of her trust fund building a private chemical laboratory in her home and is thought to have flown famous chemists from around the world to Attleboro to help with her experiments.

Grace’s travels and family connections allowed her to form relationships with powerful people all over the world. She opened her home to diplomats, politicians, artists, and scientists from every continent.


Grace’s extensive contacts have led some to speculate that she is the head of an international crime ring. Because of the cutting-edge security system at her estate, many have asked: What was she hiding?

For years, her neighbors speculated about what Grace was working on in her secret lab. Some reported seeing strange half-human, half-animal creatures roaming the grounds. Others swear she discovered the secret to eternal life but was unable to perfect it before her death in 2008.

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