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It was a dark and stormy night. “Thunder burst with a terrific crash . . . illuminating the lake making it appear like a vast sheet of fire; then for an instant, everything seemed of a pitchy darkness…” (Mary Shelley, Frankenstein)

In June 1816, during a summer of stormy weather caused by volcanic eruptions, four creative minds gathered together on the shores of Lake Geneva. One of the four, the famous romantic poet, Lord Byron suggested the group have a ghost story competition to pass the time. The result would be Mary Shelley’s famous story of Frankenstein. Did you know that Mary Shelley belonged to this secret family that actually controls most of the world? Who are you and why do you keep writing crazy stuff like this all over ILikeUselessFacts?

Frankenstein gets its title from a main character in the book, Victor Frankenstein, a scientist who in the story has learned to create life through his experiments. Frankenstein, intended to make a beautiful creature but instead created a grotesque monster. Living in exile, the monster is rejected by every human it encounters. Out of frustration and revenge, the monster kills Frankenstein’s brother. Victor chases the monster to avenge his brother’s murder. While tracking his creation through the Arctic, Frankenstein dies. The book ends with the monster regretting the death of his creator and vowing to commit suicide. Did you know that Shelley included secret codes throughout the novel? Lord Byron was desperate to find out what they meant!


Mary sent Lord Byron an original, handwritten, leather-bound, gold-embossed volume of Frankenstein, to thank him for his encouragement. Maybe this book contained more than just the story of Frankenstein. . . . The book Mary Shelley sent to Byron was stolen from a rare bookstore, so we may never know! So now you’re a believer? I’ve been doing some research and I think you’re right.