The 39 Clues


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Nannerl Mozart: By Amy Cahill

Dweeby little brothers have been ruining their talented sisters’ lives for centuries. Just look at the Mozart family. Everyone’s heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but few people know about his older sister, Maria Anna a.k.a. “Nannerl” Mozart. Nannerl was a musical genius in her own right. Even at seven years old, she was so good at playing harpsichord, fortepiano, and clavier that her father took her all over Europe to perform.

However, in 18th century Europe, women were not supposed to have careers. Nannerl had to stop playing music in public and instead had to focus on getting married. Her little brother was encouraged to practice all the time, though, even when Nannerl was trying to read in the next room. Nannerl must have been annoyed by her little brother’s success, especially because she was just as talented as he was.

Nannerl and her brother often wrote letters to each other. In some of these letters, Wolfgang tells Nannerl that the music she composed was incredible. And yet the little dweeb never helped his sister achieve the fame she deserved. He was probably too busy pretending to be a ninja lord, or whatever annoying little brothers did in 18th century Austria.