The 39 Clues


Hey, kids! Ready to take a wild ride on the craziest roller coaster of them all? We’re talking about the roller coaster of HISTORY, of course! Upload a report on your FAVORITE historical figure for all to see! Remember: Focus on the positive! Let’s inspire each other with tales of friendship and heroism!

Helen Keller: By Mary Cutler

Helen Keller was an amazing woman. Although she lost her eyesight and hearing as a baby, she grew up to become a famous author. She always stayed positive and never gave up.

Frederick Douglass: By Collin Murray

Frederick Douglass led an inspiring life. He escaped from slavery and went on to become an important writer, speaker, and abolitionist during the Civil War and afterwards. Frederick Douglass is my role model because he fought for what he believed in.

Ching Shih: By Natalie Kabra

The historical figure I admire most is Ching Shih. She was a fearsome pirate who didn’t let anyone boss her around. She only agreed to marry her husband because he promised to give her half his money. When he died, Ching Shih took over his pirate business. She commanded over 50,000 men and 1,000 pirate ships. Everyone in China was afraid of her. When she got sick of terrorizing the high seas, she struck a deal with the government. She gave up her weapons but kept all her loot. Ching Shih is an excellent role model because she didn’t let anyone stand in her way. She would even kill people when necessary. I try to . . . [rest of article deleted due to excessive violence]