The 39 Clues


Entry 4

This is Day Four of “Operation: Follow Grace Cahill until you figure out what she’s doing and why Reginald thinks she’s a problem.”

I found an excellent disguise — I’ve been dressing as a dog! It’s pretty tiring crawling all day, but it’s worth it to stay undercover!

I’ve been following Grace everywhere she goes: the supermarket, the bank, the Russian embassy. She doesn’t suspect a thing! Today, I made a BIG discovery. Grace dropped her notebook right in front of me! I knew it was important because I heard Grace telling someone about it on the phone. She said, “Yes. I am carrying the top secret notebook right now. I hope I don’t drop it in front of a superspy. I wouldn’t want anyone else to see the confidential information inside.” But then she did drop it!! Boy, what a lucky day! (Especially since I didn’t look particularly doggish at that moment. I had taken my mask off to eat some peanuts.)

I looked inside the notebook and found all these strange codes. I wonder what they mean.

Entry 3

I think I figured out Reginald’s top secret assignment for me! I heard him talking to someone about the “Grace Cahill problem” today. OK, so he hasn’t officially assigned it to me yet, but I’m going to surprise him! I know all about Grace Cahill. She’s this cousin of mine who’s always flying off to strange countries and causing trouble. I’m going to find out what she’s up to!

Entry 2

Phew! It’s tiring working for Section 7, the secretest of all the secret sections of the government. It’s so secret that I don’t even really know what we do! My brother Reginald got me a job there because Lucians are supposed to infiltrate the government as much as possible. Reginald is too busy to infiltrate it himself because he’s always off on Lucian business. I want to help too, but he doesn’t give me a lot of assignments. I think he’s saving me for a really important mission that’s too secret to talk about. It may even be too secret to think about! I better stop thinking about it . . . OK stopping now . . . need to try harder . . . wow, this is hard . . . oooh, I think I smell cookies!

Entry 1

Dear supersecret, highly confidential online journal,

Finally! A place to record my top secret thoughts! I used to hide my journal under my mattress, but that didn’t work out so well. Then I tried writing in code. I made it up as I went along, which made me feel VERY smart. But it was kind of difficult to read later. (Note to self: Find out what “goat omega cotton candy 187 juice box *&@” means. It could be very important!)

I’m going to record all my top secret spy activity here. It’s completely safe because I made sure to click “private.” Those guys at Section 7 don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m an excellent spy!