The 39 Clues


3 May 2008

I do not understand why Ms. Fedorova is making us keep a blog for homework. I do not need to practice writing in English. I am wholly fluent. In fact, I am fluent in three languages: Russian, English, and French. And I speak some German and a small bit of Japanese.

My family used to move around a lot. But we have lived in St. Petersburg for four years now. My parents thought I and my brother needed some “stability” in our lives. But they still travel all the time. This does not feel so stable, if you ask me. They bring me back excellent presents, though. I cannot wait to wear the shoes my mother bought me in Paris.

(And Vicky, do not try to pretend you saw the same ones at GUM. I’ll know you are whistling!)

Okay. I am done for now. That is good enough for an A, yes?

12 May 2008

Apparently, one must not joke with one’s teacher, even on a blog. I think Ms. Fedorova believes I belong in a fool-house. Actually, most adults think I belong in a fool-house. I do not think my parents take me very seriously.

They travel a lot for family business I am not allowed to speak of. It is very serious and sometimes dangerous, which is why I and my brother, Dmitri, must stay at home. But I am 16 now and I think I should be able to assist them. My father sees me as a silly girl who wears silly clothes and does not understand real life. That is not true! It is possible to take life seriously and wear fabulous outfits, I think.

I could be very helpful for their work. I speak the most languages and I am very good at solving puzzles. You must be wondering what kind of business we’re in! Believe me, it is better that none of you know. You would not even believe me. But I think I would be good at it. I win all the math prizes at school, but my parents are not very impressed, because all of my family is good at math.

Sometimes I wonder what I can do to impress them. Perhaps I can go travel on my own and prove to them that I can also find hidden things?

20 May 2008

Summer vacation is here! Excellent. Now I can blog about whatever I choose and Ms. Fedorova can say nothing about it! Here is what I want to do this summer:

1) Go on holiday to Turkey and get an excellent tan

2) Find a pink bikini that matches my new sandals

3) Read a book on the history of The Order of the Golden Fleece

4) Get Alexei to ask me out on a date

31 August 2008

I cannot believe Ms. Fedorova is my English teacher again! (I mean, what great luck!) I may not be in school for very long, though. There is a chance I will go on a trip with my parents! They were very impressed with my research this summer and wish for me to help them.

What does one pack when one does not know which countries one will visit? I may need to purchase a new suitcase. Or three.