The 39 Clues


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Name:Lan Nguyen
Current City:Melbourne, but I’m off to Agra, India, soon
Interests:graffiti, writing, poetry, painting, weird museums, carnivals, Bollywood films
Favorite Books:The Year of Secret Assignments, The Hunger Games, Emily of New Moon, India on a Budget, Secrets of the Taj Mahal
Favorite Movies:WALL-E, High School Musical, Bride & Prejudice
Favorite Music:Paramore, The Alphabeats, Fall Out Boy
Quotes:“Every good painter paints what he is.” – Jackson Pollock
About Me:Stuck with overprotective parents. I try to explore who I am through poetry and art. I like to paint with unusual things, like food or lipstick or whatever seems right. I really want to get out of Melbourne and explore the world. I’d love to make it to India before my parents totally squash every bit of creativity out of me.
today Lan Nguyen is plotting to overthrow the parentals


Cynthia M.:
you coming to poetry next week?
Jim Walton:
You’re still going to art school in London, right? I heard some weird rumour about you going to India.