The 39 Clues


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Name: Ian Kabra
Interests: polo, rowing, skiing, target practice, espresso tasting, travel (except not to where there are loads of poor people), forgery
Favorite Books: Right Ho, Jeeves; A Christmas Carol (although it would be even better if Scrooge didn’t go soft at the end); The Basic Science of Poisons
Favorite Films: High Society, Richie Rich
Favorite Music: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Stravinsky, Wagner
Favorite TV Shows: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Morse, any reality show where people make fools of themselves
Favorite Quotes: “A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.” — Jane Austen
About Me: handsome, athletic, rich, modest . . .
today Ian is about to fetch his new polo pony from the airport. This one better not have crooked teeth. It’s rather a hassle to return ponies to Argentina.


Teddy Hastings:
Ian, are you coming up to the country this weekend?
Eleanor Abingdon:
Fancy dinner this week? I had so much fun last time.
Pippa Balfour:
Ian, darling. Remember, you promised we’d go riding tomorrow.
Alana Flores:
You better watch out, junior.
Kate Tompkins:
You have to come try my new espresso machine. It’s divine.