The 39 Clues


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Hamilton Holt
Milwaukee, WI
playing with my dog, football (go Vikings, yeeeeeah!), Halo 3, computer stuff, hanging with friends (until they start annoying me), track, making fun of my dad behind his back, parkour, hockey, boxing
Favorite Shows:
SportsCenter, Myth Busters, The Simpsons, The Amazing Race, The Greatest American Dog
Favorite Books:
heavy ones I can use as dumbbells or for whacking my sisters
Favorite Movies:
Remember the Titans, Pirates of the Carribean (1 not 2), Rudy, The Waterboy
Favorite Music:
the sound of my foot in your stomach
Favorite Quotes:
“Just do it.”
About Me:
I’m going to be traveling a lot. So message me if anything funny happens at school.
today kicking butt


Sam Salvatore:
Come back, dude! The new sixth-graders fit perfectly in the trash cans!
Elisha Quinn:
I’m taking parkour next semester!
Reagan Holt:
Ham, Dad sat on my laptop again. Come fix it, NOW!!