The 39 Clues


American Family Arrested in Paris

Members of a Milwaukee family, the Holts, were arrested in Paris last week when they attempted to climb the outside of the Eiffel Tower. Dressed in identical purple tracksuits with matching berets, Eisenhower and Mary-Todd Holt and their three children used the “urban climbing” technique to scale the tower. They were seized by security guards shortly before they reached the top.

Tourist Marcia Euclid witnessed the odd spectacle: “I wasn’t sure why they wanted to climb up the tower rather than taking the stairs. I don’t think it was just for fun, because they were hauling a ton of equipment with them—metal detectors, binoculars, and a tool box!”

The Holts were released the next day and escorted out of the country. In response to the incident and other strange occurrences around the tower, the French government has heightened security and installed new surveillance cameras near the site. Security Director Jean-Luc Mollet explains: “There has been a surge in attempts to climb the tower. It may be a new fad or an initiation ritual of some kind. We are investigating the matter.”