The 39 Clues


Disappearing mascot heads


It has come to our attention that numerous school principals may have been contacted by Dan Cahill (Grade 6) about an upcoming exhibition in our school library—a display of mascot uniform heads from schools around Boston.

Please be aware that no such display is planned here at Adams. The request by Mr. Cahill was an attempt to add to his personal collection of “mascot heads.” With the help of Mr. Cahill’s sister, Amy, and their babysitter, we have already recovered and returned heads to the following schools:

Parker Middle School—“Raging Bull” Mascot Head

George M. Cohan High School—“Fighting Duck” Mascot Head

Aloisius Trent High School—“Hopping-Mad Border Collie” Mascot Head

If your school mascot is still missing its head, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. I assure you that Mr. Cahill is sorry for his actions. Unfortunately, he cannot remember where he put all the heads, but he is very willing to “look again.”

Thank you for your attention.


James Pinkerton