The 39 Clues


Rome: A 677-year History

By Professor James Sarn

Professor Thomas Matthius, Oxford University
“Even with my 45 years as Professor of Roman History, I was impressed by Professor Sarn’s work. His history of the Roman Empire is very well written. I’m surprised that he was able to fit it all into a 1,500-page book. Brilliant!”

Professor Mario Luigi, Florence University
“It’s a thrill to see a top historian’s perception of the heartbreaking fall of our country. I wept as I read the chapter on the early Roman Christians —almost as much as we Italians weep at the sight of good pizza. Bravo, Professor Sarn!”

Amy Cahill, Adams Middle School
“I’ve never been to Rome, but after reading this book, I am so excited to go to Italy one day to see for myself how true this book is! I only got to Chapter 38 because my brother, Dan, stole the book from me to see the weapons barbarians used. What a dweeb. But when I get it back, I’m going to try to translate some of the Latin phrases with my Beginner's Latin book! Now, if only Dan would tell me where he hid it.”